Send and Receive International Payments for Less.

Online currency account, ultra-competitive exchange rates, no payment fees, forward rates, automated rate alerts, see the live interbank exchange rate and more.

Global payment solutions you can trust.

Why Integritas ?

Pay overseas suppliers instantly, collect payments from global customers, receive rate alerts directly to your inbox and enjoy full visibility of the real exchange rate.

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Moving money just got simpler.

  • Ultra-competitive rates, no payment fees.

  • Full visibility of the interbank exchange rate.

  • Buy forwards and access forward rates.

How do I become an Integritas user?

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    Register and get online in 24 hours.
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    Book a demo and activate your alerts.
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    Get to know the platform, and use us on demand. No sales calls. No interruptions.

Our mission is to build a platform that can help make a major impact on the world, for the better.

Take control of your payments.

  • 0.15% margins available with no payment fees.

  • Rate alerts so you always know the real exchange rate.

  • Complete transparency with live interbank rate display.

  • Buy a forward and get instant access to forward rates.


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