Complaints Policy

We are your first port of call for any queries or concerns, including complaints. We will handle these complaints in line with our complaints process.

You can submit your compliant to the following information:
Ellis Taylor Director, Integritas Management Limited
Tel: 020 3880 8088

We will contact the complainant within 2 business days, confirming the compliant is being considered with a clear timeframe for a resolution. We aim to resolve complaints by the end of 15 business days following receipt of the complaint. A complaint is counted as resolved when a final response is issued to the complainant. In exceptional circumstances, where we are unable to issue a final response within 15 business days of receipt of the complaint, a maximum 35 business days from the date of receipt will be the maximum extended time frame to issue a final response.

We work with e-money and payments institution partners in providing you with our service, namely Currencycloud. Currencycloud ultimately provides you with regulated payments and e-money services. These partners have certain obligations as regulated financial services institutions, including around complaints. We keep them informed of the complaints we receive from you regarding the regulated payments and e-money services they ultimately provide to you. They oversee how we handle complaints to ensure we do this to the standard required under the regulations. However, if for any reason your complaint regarding your payments and e-money services has not been acknowledged or dealt with by us, or if you have concerns about the way it has been handled, Currencycloud's complaints information can be found here.

Contact details for the UK regulator the Financial Ombudsman Authority (FOS) can be found here.