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Google invested £25million into the platform, built by Currencycloud to make your international payments simple.

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The multi-currency account is free to set up and free to maintain. We offer 0.15%-0.2% FX Markups above £30,000. We do not charge payment fees. FX Markups vary on exchanges below £30,000, though we will ensure it remains competitive against your existing provider. We also show the live interbank exchange rate. For businesses trading in excess of £2 million annually we remove the lower payment threshold. Please speak to one of our team if you have any questions.

Unlike traditional brokers, we display the live interbank exchange rate, giving you clarity on your pricing.

We show the live interbank exchange rate, protect your pricing in our terms, and offer forward rates if you hedge. You can also buy forwards online and take advantage of instant rate alerts so you always know the real exchange rate. Unlike traditional brokers, we offer a simple digital solution that automates what brokers do for a fraction of the price.

Our e-money partners are regulated by the FCA and client accounts are safeguarded with Tier One banks via Currencycloud. No 3rd party funds ever come into contact with yours.

Your funds are stored in your unique multi-currency account, issued by CurrencyCloud and held in segregated accounts.

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