Wed Feb 17 2021

Partnering with Hope and Homes for Children

When we launched Integritas, we were very clear that we wanted to use the platform to drive positive social change and to do so for something we genuinely cared about. That is why, at the beginning of last year, we approached Hope and Homes for Children.

Hope and Homes for Children was the creation of two extraordinary individuals who believed that every child had the right to grow up in a loving family. Today, the organisation is at the forefront of a growing global movement to eliminate the institutional care of children on a global scale.

The Problem

There are an estimated 5.4 million children in orphanages worldwide, but many of these children aren’t orphans at all; it is estimated that 8 out of every 10 of these children have at least one living parent. The reasons why children may be confined to orphanages are often due to poverty, disability, or discrimination.

The Solution

With the right support, it is possible to keep these families together and give children what they want and need most – a stable and loving family. Hope and Homes for Children work with local communities to build alternative models of childcare and tackle the root causes of family breakdown, as well as working with policymakers across the political spectrum.

Playing our Part

We chose Hope and Homes for Children because we are passionate about every child having access to opportunity in a stable, loving environment. Children are extremely sensitive to their surroundings when they are young and the evidence has been overwhelmingly clear orphanage-based care systems are not suitable for giving them access to the level of love and opportunity they deserve.

Every child should be given the freedom to develop and pursue dreams, and we want to help do that by tackling the root cause of what deprives them of that opportunity.

In the Summer, we carried out our first fundraising campaign cycling 50KM around rural Kent and raising over £350, beating our target of £301 which is all it takes to help trace the birth families of 7 children currently confined to an orphanage. We also made the decision to donate 1% of our individual payment revenues to the charity so that as we grow, our contributions to the cause do too.

You can find out more on Hope and Homes for Children here.